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Examples of 'biting' in a Sentence

1. She delivered a biting retort that left him speechless.
2. The biting criticism in the review stung the author's pride.
3. The biting odor of vinegar filled the kitchen as she prepared the salad dressing.
4. The biting commentary on social media sparked a heated debate.
5. He couldn't help but flinch at the biting truth in her words.
6. The biting wind cut through their winter coats.
7. Her biting criticism left wounds in their friendship.
8. The comedian's humor had a biting edge to it.
9. The insect's biting sting caused immediate discomfort.
10. The biting satire in the book made me laugh.
11. His biting remarks often hurt others' feelings.
12. The bitter cold had a biting effect on everyone.
13. The biting sarcasm in her tone was unmistakable.
14. A biting review of the movie was published.
15. The spicy food had a biting heat to it.
16. His biting wit was both a blessing and a curse.
17. The news had a biting impact on the stock market.
18. The dog's biting behavior required training.
19. The biting chill made them shiver uncontrollably.
20. The biting commentary on social issues resonated.
21. Her biting honesty was refreshing yet unsettling.
22. A biting critique of the government was aired.
23. The novel's biting dialogue added depth to the story.
24. The mosquito's biting attack left itchy welts.
25. His biting retort silenced the argument.


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