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Examples of 'bitter' in a Sentence

1. The bitter truth of his failure hit him hard, leaving him feeling defeated.
2. The bitter argument escalated into a shouting match.
3. Despite their bitter breakup, they managed to remain civil in public.
4. The bitter wind whipped through the streets, chilling everyone to the bone.
5. She had a bitter taste in her mouth after the betrayal of a trusted friend.
6. The bitter taste of black coffee awakened his senses early in the morning.
7. Her bitter words stung like a cold wind on a winter day.
8. The bitter rivalry between the two teams intensified with every match.
9. Dark chocolate lovers savor the rich, bitter cocoa flavor.
10. The bitter disappointment on his face was hard to miss.
11. The bitter cold of winter made her shiver uncontrollably.
12. A bitter argument erupted over the divisive issue.
13. The bitter truth was that they had lost everything in the fire.
14. His bitter critique left no room for optimism.
15. The bitter winds howled through the deserted streets.
16. The coffee had a bitter aftertaste that lingered on his palate.
17. She couldn't mask the bitter resentment in her voice.
18. The bitter irony of the situation was not lost on him.
19. His bitter complaints filled the air as he struggled with the task.
20. The bitter scent of burnt toast filled the kitchen.
21. The bitter taste of defeat was hard to swallow.
22. Their bitter feud had torn the family apart for years.
23. The bitter cold air cut through their clothing like a knife.
24. He sipped the bitter brew and grimaced at its potency.
25. The bitter truth of the matter was that they were running out of options.

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