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Examples of 'blame' in a Sentence

1. The parents placed the blame on the school for their child's poor grades.
2. It's not fair to place all the blame on one person; there were multiple factors involved.
3. The company's management was quick to assign blame for the financial loss.
4. Blaming others won't help you grow as a person; take responsibility for your actions.
5. The coach refused to take the blame for the team's poor performance.
6. Blaming external circumstances is an easy way to avoid personal accountability.
7. She redirected the blame onto her assistant, even though it was her own oversight.
8. The investigation aimed to determine who was at fault and assign blame accordingly.
9. Blaming the weather won't change the fact that the event was poorly organized.
10. The teacher refused to single out a student and place blame for the disruption.
11. Instead of playing the blame game, let's focus on finding a solution.
12. It's important to have open communication without resorting to blame.
13. Blaming someone without understanding the full context is unfair.
14. The siblings engaged in a blame war, each pointing fingers at the other.


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