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Examples of 'blasphemy' in a Sentence


1. The utterance of such profanity was considered blasphemy in the church.
2. The protesters demanded the punishment of the blasphemy culprits.
3. The blasphemy laws were considered too strict by many human rights organizations.
4. The artist's paintings were considered blasphemy by some religious groups.
5. The scientist was criticized for blasphemy against the religious beliefs of creationism.
6. His words were deemed blasphemy, sparking outrage among the devout.
7. Accusations of religious blasphemy can have serious consequences.
8. Blasphemy laws vary worldwide, reflecting cultural differences.
9. Some consider satire a subtle form of intellectual blasphemy.
10. Blasphemy accusations often lead to heated debates on freedom of speech.
11. History is filled with instances of religious leaders facing blasphemy charges.
12. Artistic expression sometimes treads the line between creativity and blasphemy.
13. Blasphemy can strain interfaith relations, fostering tensions.
14. Blasphemy is subjective, its definition evolving across time and cultures.
15. In some societies, blasphemy allegations carry harsh legal penalties.
16. He faced public scorn for what many deemed blasphemous comments.
17. Blasphemy can test the boundaries of religious tolerance.
18. Blasphemy is a contentious issue entangled with free speech rights.
19. Accusations of blasphemy have ignited violent conflicts throughout history.
20. They argued that artistic freedom should transcend concerns of blasphemy.
21. Perceptions of blasphemy are deeply ingrained in cultural and religious norms.
22. Accusations of blasphemy can lead to social ostracism and isolation.
23. Some view blasphemy as a form of social and political critique.
24. Blasphemy cases often become focal points for debates on human rights.
25. Blasphemy can be a powerful tool for questioning established beliefs.
26. He defended his controversial statements as a form of political blasphemy.
27. Blasphemy laws can be a source of tension between religious groups.
28. Artistic blasphemy challenges traditional interpretations of faith.
29. Blasphemy allegations may arise from genuine offense or political motives.
30. The film faced criticism for its perceived religious blasphemy.

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