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Examples of 'blaze' in a Sentence

1. The sunset painted the horizon in a breathtaking blaze of orange and pink hues.
2. The news of their engagement spread like wildfire, creating a social media blaze.
3. The artist's painting captured the essence of a roaring fireplace with its vibrant blaze.
4. The athlete's exceptional performance brought him into the national spotlight and set his career ablaze.
5. The fierce competitor blazed through the race, leaving his opponents in awe of his speed and skill.
6. The blaze consumed the old barn in a matter of minutes.
7. Firefighters battled the fierce blaze throughout the night.
8. A massive forest blaze threatened the nearby town.
9. The inferno raged on, a relentless blaze of destruction.
10. The roaring blaze illuminated the dark night sky.
11. The sudden blaze forced everyone to evacuate their homes.
12. She watched in horror as the blaze engulfed her car.
13. The firefighters managed to contain the raging blaze.
14. The historic building was reduced to ashes in the blaze.
15. The intense heat from the blaze was unbearable.
16. Smoke billowed from the blaze, obscuring the horizon.
17. The firefighters worked tirelessly to control the blaze.
18. An arsonist was suspected in the mysterious blaze.
19. The fierce blaze left a trail of devastation in its wake.
20. The firefighters bravely battled the relentless blaze.
21. The firefighters rushed to the scene of the industrial blaze.
22. The wildfire's blaze could be seen from miles away.
23. The blaze threatened to consume the entire forest.
24. They managed to escape the building just before the blaze erupted.
25. The investigators searched for clues in the aftermath of the blaze.

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