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Examples of 'bludgeon' in a Sentence

1. Self-doubt can bludgeon your confidence if you let it.
2. In medieval times, soldiers would often bludgeon their enemies using clubs or maces.
3. The athlete had to bludgeon through the pain to reach the finish line.
4. The group had to bludgeon the thick forest undergrowth to make their way forward.
5. The intense storm seemed to bludgeon the coastline relentlessly.
6. Many activists believe that certain policies bludgeon the rights of marginalized communities.
7. The manager tried to bludgeon his way through the meeting despite the obvious lack of interest from his team.
8. The robber threatened to bludgeon the cashier if he didn’t hand over the money.
9. Sometimes you have to bludgeon your fears to achieve success.
10. The novelist had to bludgeon through writer's block to finish the book on time.
11. It's important not to bludgeon your body with excessive exercise; moderation is key.
12. The artist felt like he had to bludgeon through a sea of critics before finding recognition.
13. The boxer had to bludgeon his opponent's defenses to land a clean hit.
14. In the video game, you can choose a variety of weapons to bludgeon your enemies.

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