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Examples of 'blueprint' in a Sentence

1. The government announced a blueprint for economic development in the region.
2. The designer used the blueprint to create a custom-tailored dress for the client.
3. The builder followed the blueprint precisely to ensure the house was constructed accurately.
4. The team analyzed the blueprint to identify any potential design flaws.
5. The engineer made revisions to the blueprint based on client feedback.
6. The architect presented the blueprint for the new skyscraper.
7. He followed the blueprint to build the intricate model.
8. The blueprint outlines the layout of the entire building.
9. The engineer referred to the blueprint to ensure accuracy.
10. The blueprint for the bridge was meticulously drawn.
11. The artist used a blueprint to create the intricate design.
12. The blueprint for the software project was well-documented.
13. The blueprint guided the construction of the custom furniture.
14. The blueprint revealed the secrets of the ancient castle.
15. They needed the blueprint to complete the renovation.
16. The blueprint provided a clear vision for the project.
17. The city's development followed a comprehensive blueprint.
18. The blueprint specified every detail of the aircraft.
19. The blueprint served as a roadmap for the technology upgrade.
20. The team referred to the blueprint during the construction.
21. The blueprint for the garden included precise measurements.
22. The blueprint for success involves careful planning.
23. The blueprint for the spacecraft's design was groundbreaking.
24. The blueprint was essential for the restoration of the historic building.
25. The blueprint for the novel's plot was brilliantly crafted.

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