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Examples of 'blurt' in a Sentence

1. In a moment of frustration, he blurt a series of expletives.
2. The comedian would purposely blurt unexpected punchlines for comedic effect.
3. The toddler would blurt random words without any context.
4. He blurt a confession when confronted with the evidence.
5. The teacher reminded the class not to blurt during the exam.
6. She blurt a suggestion during the brainstorming session.
7. The surprise announcement caused everyone to blurt their excitement simultaneously.
8. In a moment of panic, he blurt the wrong address to the taxi driver.
9. The child's curiosity got the better of her, causing her to blurt inappropriate questions.
10. The employee accidentally blurt sensitive information during the meeting.
11. Despite being caught off guard, he managed not to blurt anything incriminating.
12. The actress would blurt lines from her favorite movies during casual conversations.
13. He tried to suppress his laughter, but it still managed to blurt out.
14. He couldn't help but blurt out the surprise party plans.
15. She accidentally blurted the answer during the quiz.
16. Nervousness made him blurt awkward comments during the interview.
17. She blurted a confession, surprising everyone in the room.
18. The secret agent had to be careful not to blurt classified information.
19. He blurted his feelings for her in the heat of the moment.
20. Trying to hide his amusement, he blurted a laugh.
21. The comedian often blurted hilarious one-liners on stage.
22. Frustration made her blurt criticisms without tact.
23. He blurted out a heartfelt apology to mend their relationship.
24. In a fit of anger, she blurted out hurtful words she later regretted.

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