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Examples of 'bode' in a Sentence

1. The bright sunrise bode a promising day ahead.
2. The cracks in the foundation bode structural issues in the house.
3. The positive feedback from early readers bode success for the author's new book.
4. The enthusiastic response from the audience bode a successful performance.
5. The red sky during sunset bode fair weather for the next day.
6. The fresh scent of flowers bode the arrival of spring.
7. The constant arguments between the couple bode trouble for their relationship.
8. The loud thunder and lightning bode a stormy night.
9. The slow progress on the project does not bode well for its timely completion.
10. The chirping of birds in the morning bode a peaceful day.
11. The cheerful laughter from the children's play area bode a joyful atmosphere.
12. The sudden increase in sales bode a prosperous quarter for the company.
13. The smell of freshly baked bread bode a delightful meal ahead.
14. The absence of activity around the beehive bode a swarm's departure.


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