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Examples of 'boggle' in a Sentence

1. The twists and turns of the plot in the novel can boggle the reader's comprehension.
2. The mind-bending visuals in the science fiction movie can boggle the audience.
3. The advanced computer programming code can boggle inexperienced programmers.
4. The complexity of the legal case can boggle even the most seasoned lawyers.
5. The intricacies of the quantum physics theory can boggle scientists' minds.
6. The depth of knowledge displayed by the professor can boggle the students.
7. The high-speed maneuvers of the race car drivers boggle the spectators' minds.
8. The vastness of the universe and its mysteries can boggle the imagination.
9. The precision and skill of the professional skateboarder boggle onlookers.
10. The intricate puzzle made her boggle at first.
11. The math problem made his mind boggle.
12. Trying to understand quantum physics can boggle the best minds.
13. The unexpected twist in the plot boggled the readers.
14. The sheer scale of the project boggled their minds.
15. The magician's tricks never failed to boggle the audience.
16. The complexity of the legal case boggled the lawyers.
17. Trying to juggle multiple tasks can often boggle anyone.
18. The rapid changes in technology can boggle even experts.
19. The amount of information available online can easily boggle one's mind.
20. The maze of bureaucracy can boggle newcomers to the system.
21. The intricacies of the human brain boggle scientists.
22. The foreign language's grammar rules can boggle beginners.
23. Attempting to solve the riddle boggled their brains.
24. The paradox in the philosophy text boggled the students.


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