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Examples of 'bogus' in a Sentence

1. The conspiracy theory was based on a series of bogus claims and unreliable sources.
2. The student submitted a bogus essay that was copied from the internet.
3. His alibi for the night of the crime seemed completely bogus to the detective.
4. The scam artist was known for his bogus investment schemes that promised high returns.
5. The witness's story was dismissed as bogus when it conflicted with the evidence.
6. The celebrity's endorsement of the diet pill was later revealed to be bogus.
7. The document's signatures were all deemed to be bogus by forensic experts.
8. The news article contained numerous bogus statistics and inaccuracies.
9. The caller claimed to be from the IRS, but it was a bogus tax collection scam.
10. The treasure map they found turned out to be entirely bogus, leading them on a wild goose chase.
11. The online review was filled with bogus praise from the company's employees.
12. The artist was accused of selling bogus artwork to unsuspecting buyers.
13. The promise of instant wealth through a bogus investment opportunity proved too tempting for some to resist.
14. The investigator uncovered a trail of bogus receipts in the financial records, pointing to embezzlement.

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