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Examples of 'bohemian' in a Sentence

1. Her bohemian style exuded a carefree and artistic vibe.
2. The bohemian party was a celebration of art, music, and diversity.
3. Their bohemian wedding featured a drum circle and fire dancers.
4. Bohemian culture values individuality and open-mindedness.
5. The bohemian community hosted monthly art exhibitions.
6. In the heart of the city, a bohemian enclave embraced creativity.
7. The bohemian spirit of the 1960s inspired a cultural revolution.
8. Bohemian homes often feature a mix of vintage and handmade decor.
9. Bohemian travelers seek authentic experiences off the beaten path.
10. She found solace in the bohemian lifestyle after a corporate career.
11. Bohemian artists challenged conventions through their work.
12. The bohemian enclave fostered a sense of belonging for all.
13. She adopted a bohemian lifestyle, full of art and free-spirited adventures.
14. His apartment was decorated in a bohemian style with colorful rugs and eclectic furniture.
15. The small cafe was a gathering place for bohemian artists and musicians.
16. She wore a bohemian dress with floral patterns and flowing fabric to the music festival.
17. His bohemian attitude toward work meant that he never stayed in one job for too long.
18. The neighborhood was known for its bohemian charm and abundance of vintage shops.
19. She found the bohemian atmosphere of the writer’s retreat very inspiring.
20. His poetry reflects a bohemian sensibility, embracing wanderlust and the unconventional.
21. The bohemian fashion trend is characterized by loose-fitting clothing and earthy tones.
22. He spent his youth in Paris, living a bohemian life amongst fellow painters and poets.
23. Her bohemian upbringing exposed her to various cultures and art forms at a young age.
24. They planned a bohemian-themed wedding, with guests encouraged to wear vintage clothing and flower crowns.

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