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Examples of 'boisterous' in a Sentence

1. The boisterous waves crashed against the shore, showing the sea’s wild side.
2. He had a boisterous personality and was always the life of the party.
3. The boisterous celebration went on all night, with music, dancing, and fireworks.
4. The students became boisterous the moment the teacher stepped out of the classroom.
5. The carnival was filled with boisterous sounds of rides, games, and excited chatter.
6. Despite his boisterous demeanor, he had a kind heart and always helped those in need.
7. The children's boisterous play echoed through the park, filling the air with laughter and energy.
8. The boisterous crowd roared with excitement at the game, creating an electrifying atmosphere.
9. The party turned into a boisterous celebration, with music, dancing, and joyful chaos.
10. Their laughter was boisterous and contagious, spreading happiness to everyone around.
11. The boisterous waves crashed against the shore, a powerful display of nature's energy.
12. His boisterous personality lit up the room, making him the center of attention.
13. The boisterous festival filled the streets with joy, as people came together to celebrate.
14. The students had a boisterous snowball fight, reveling in the winter fun.
15. The boisterous dance floor was packed with revelers, moving to the beat with enthusiasm.
16. The boisterous music had everyone dancing, unable to resist its infectious rhythm.
17. Their boisterous argument disrupted the meeting, causing tension in the room.
18. The boisterous fans cheered for their team, showing unwavering support.
19. The boisterous atmosphere was electric, with anticipation and excitement in the air.
20. The boisterous parade celebrated the holiday, featuring colorful floats and marching bands.
21. The boisterous puppies played in the yard, full of boundless energy.


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