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Examples of 'bold' in a Sentence

1. His bold proposal for the project impressed the entire committee.
2. The writer's bold ideas challenged traditional notions and sparked debate.
3. The chef added bold spices to the dish, creating a memorable flavor.
4. The entrepreneur had a bold vision to revolutionize the industry.
5. The designer showcased a bold and avant-garde collection on the runway.
6. Her bold fashion choices always turned heads.
7. He made a bold decision to start his own business.
8. The artist used bold strokes to create the masterpiece.
9. Their bold plan led to a successful outcome.
10. The leader's bold vision inspired the team.
11. She gave a bold and persuasive presentation.
12. The explorer embarked on a bold adventure.
13. His bold move surprised everyone in the room.
14. The company made a bold move to expand globally.
15. The athlete displayed a bold and fearless attitude.
16. Their bold proposal challenged conventional thinking.
17. She wore a bold smile despite the challenges.
18. The writer used bold metaphors to convey emotions.
19. The architect designed a bold and innovative structure.
20. The decision to hike the mountain was a bold one.
21. His bold statement ignited a heated debate.
22. The scientist had a bold theory about the universe.
23. The chef's bold flavors delighted the diners.
24. The politician's bold stance won over many supporters.
25. The entrepreneur had a bold plan to disrupt the industry.

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