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Examples of 'bona-fide' in a Sentence

1. He was relieved to find out that the job offer he received was bona fide and not a scam.
2. The rare baseball card was assessed by experts and deemed to be a bona fide collector's item.
3. Her extensive knowledge of classic literature confirmed that she was a bona fide scholar.
4. He completed his training and passed all the necessary exams to become a bona fide electrician.
5. The community recognized his longstanding commitment to public service, cementing his status as a bona fide local hero.
6. His expertise in solving complicated math problems at such a young age marked him as a bona fide prodigy.
7. The antique dealer assured us that the painting was a bona fide masterpiece.
8. To secure the loan, he provided bona fide documentation of his income.
9. The archaeologist discovered a bona fide Roman coin buried in the soil.
10. Their commitment to the project was unquestionably bona fide.
11. The company offered a bona fide warranty on all its products.
12. We received a bona fide invitation to the prestigious gala.
13. Her bona fide expertise in the field was recognized worldwide.
14. The nonprofit organization was dedicated to bona fide charitable efforts.
15. The actor's performance was praised as a bona fide tour de force.
16. The contract was legally binding and considered bona fide by both parties.
17. The diamond's authenticity was confirmed as bona fide by a gemologist.
18. The news report featured a bona fide hero who saved a life.
19. The scientist presented bona fide research findings at the conference.
20. The signed letter was proof of a bona fide endorsement.
21. The chef's Italian restaurant was known for its bona fide cuisine.
22. The antique shop specialized in selling bona fide historical artifacts.
23. The lawyer provided a bona fide defense for her client in court.
24. The artist's portfolio showcased her bona fide talent and creativity.
25. The company was accredited as a bona fide member of the industry association.
26. The couple exchanged bona fide vows during their heartfelt wedding ceremony.

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