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Examples of 'bonkers' in a Sentence

1. The comedian's wacky costume and antics had the crowd going bonkers with laughter.
2. The new video game had such crazy challenges that it drove players bonkers trying to complete them.
3. The politician's outrageous behavior made headlines, leaving many people thinking he was bonkers.
4. The magician performed mind-bending tricks that had the audience going bonkers with astonishment.
5. The heatwave was driving everyone bonkers; even the slightest breeze brought relief.
6. His bonkers idea turned out to be a stroke of genius.
7. The bonkers comedian had the audience in stitches.
8. The bonkers roller coaster left everyone screaming.
9. Their bonkers antics always kept the party lively.
10. The movie's plot was so bonkers it defied belief.
11. She thought I was bonkers for trying that extreme sport.
12. The bonkers weather went from scorching to freezing.
13. The professor's bonkers theories fascinated his students.
14. The bonkers outfit she wore turned heads at the party.
15. The bonkers cat chased its tail in circles.
16. The bonkers stunt earned him a spot in the record book.
17. He had a bonkers sense of humor that made us laugh.
18. The bonkers road trip ended with unexpected adventures.
19. Their bonkers dance moves entertained the crowd.
20. The bonkers plot twist left the audience gasping.
21. The bonkers contest attracted participants from all over.
22. The bonkers inventor's gadgets were both quirky and fun.
23. Her bonkers enthusiasm was infectious.
24. The bonkers roller derby match was a thrilling spectacle.
25. The bonkers art installation challenged conventional thinking.

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