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Examples of 'botch' in a Sentence

1. The actor forgot their lines and ended up botching the entire scene.
2. The clumsy waiter managed to botch the entire order, mixing up dishes.
3. Despite their best efforts, they still managed to botch the presentation.
4. The writer's attempt to revise the manuscript only led to further botching of the plot.
5. The chef's experiment with a new recipe turned out to be a botch.
6. The photographer accidentally botch the settings and ended up with blurry photos.
7. The decorator's poor color choice botch the overall aesthetic of the room.
8. The carpenter's hasty cuts resulted in a botch of the woodworking project.
9. The technician's careless handling of the equipment led to a botch in the repair process.
10. The plumber's incorrect pipe installation caused a botch in the plumbing system.
11. The artist's rushed strokes ended up creating a botch in the painting.
12. The hairstylist's lack of experience caused her to botch the customer's haircut.
13. The comedian's poorly timed punchline only led to a botch in the joke delivery.
14. The baker accidentally botch the ingredients and ruined the entire batch of cookies.

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