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Examples of 'bother' in a Sentence

1. The dog continued to bother the cat, chasing it around the garden.
2. When you need help, don't hesitate to bother me; I'll always be here for you.
3. Before making the final decision, I'll need to bother the team for their opinions.
4. We may need to bother the head chef about the change in the menu.
5. It is always wise to bother a mentor when you need career advice.
6. He was hesitant to bother the librarian, but he really needed help finding a book.
7. If you find the assignment challenging, don't be shy to bother the tutor for extra help.
8. Sometimes it's necessary to bother a busy person if you need their expertise.
9. If the room temperature is not comfortable, do bother the hotel staff to adjust it.
10. When you face a technical issue, don't forget to bother the IT department.
11. Before making a big financial decision, always bother your financial advisor.
12. She didn't want to bother her professor after hours, but she had a pressing question.
13. I'll have to bother my lawyer to understand the legal implications of this contract.
14. If your medication causes side effects, don't hesitate to bother your doctor about it.


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