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Examples of 'bound' in a Sentence

1. The evidence was bound to expose the truth and bring justice to light.
2. They were bound by fate, their paths intertwined in a complex series of events.
3. The road trip was bound to create lasting memories for the group of friends.
4. The prisoner was bound by handcuffs and escorted to the courtroom.
5. The book held the secret that was bound to change their lives forever.
6. She felt bound by her duty to care for her elderly parents.
7. His commitment to the project bound him to long hours at work.
8. The legal contract bound both parties to fulfill their obligations.
9. They were bound by their shared love for adventure.
10. His loyalty to the team bound him to support them.
11. Family traditions bound them together during the holidays.
12. A sense of responsibility bound her to volunteer regularly.
13. Shared experiences can create a bound between friends.
14. Cultural ties bound the community together.
15. Their mutual respect bound them in a strong partnership.
16. The common goal bound the group in pursuit of success.
17. A strong moral code bound him to honesty and integrity.
18. The shared history bound the nation's citizens.
19. The promise he made bound him to secrecy.
20. Their shared dreams bound them in a romantic relationship.
21. The contract legally bound them to complete the project.
22. A sense of duty bound him to serve his country.
23. The code of conduct bound all members to ethical behavior.
24. Their shared values bound them as a family.
25. The oath he took bound him to protect and serve.

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