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Examples of 'bowdlerize' in a Sentence


1. They had to bowdlerize the movie to meet the censorship rules of certain countries.
2. If you bowdlerize the work too much, you'll remove the very essence that makes it unique.
3. Publishers may bowdlerize controversial elements in a book to avoid backlash.
4. To make the historical event more palatable for students, the textbook seemed to bowdlerize some aspects.
5. The editor chose to bowdlerize the story to make it more appealing to a younger demographic.
6. The producer had to bowdlerize the reality show due to some inappropriate content.
7. The broadcasting network had to bowdlerize the stand-up comedy special before airing it.
8. It's important not to bowdlerize important historical events when teaching them to younger generations.
9. Censorship often leads filmmakers to bowdlerize their scripts.
10. The publisher had to bowdlerize the translation of the novel to meet local cultural standards.
11. He decided to bowdlerize his memoir to avoid causing offense.
12. The artist chose to bowdlerize the painting in order to make it suitable for a public exhibition.
13. News networks often bowdlerize certain graphic images before broadcasting them.
14. While adapting the adult novel for a young audience, the author decided to bowdlerize some parts of the story.

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