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Examples of 'brag' in a Sentence

1. He always finds a way to subtly brag about his intelligence.
2. She discreetly dropped hints to brag about her latest promotion.
3. The entrepreneur couldn't resist bragging about the success of their startup.
4. He subtly hinted at his accomplishments, seeking opportunities to brag.
5. She found subtle ways to brag about her latest travel adventures.
6. The student would occasionally drop hints to brag about their academic achievements.
7. He slipped in anecdotes to brag about his exciting life experiences.
8. She skillfully inserted tidbits to brag about her impressive network.
9. The politician strategically worked in moments to brag about their policy accomplishments.
10. He would subtly weave in stories to brag about his athletic achievements.
11. She slyly mentioned achievements to brag about her career success.
12. The entrepreneur craftily brought up successes to brag about their business empire.
13. He tactfully dropped comments to brag about his philanthropic contributions.
14. She cleverly found opportunities to brag about her artistic talents.

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