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Examples of 'brazen' in a Sentence


1. The politician's brazen lies eroded trust among voters.
2. The brazen act of defiance shocked the authorities.
3. A brazen act of courage saved lives during the fire.
4. The brazen display of wealth was met with envy.
5. His brazen refusal to apologize strained relationships.
6. The brazen intrusion into their privacy infuriated them.
7. A brazen act of kindness uplifted the entire community.
8. The brazen display of talent earned her a standing ovation.
9. The brazen defiance of societal norms challenged conventions.
10. Her brazen flirtation caught the attention of many admirers.
11. The brazen act of bravery inspired others to take action.
12. A brazen lie tarnished his reputation irreparably.
13. The brazen violation of trust led to a breakup.
14. The brazen defiance of authority had consequences.
15. His brazen determination fueled his success.
16. A brazen act of generosity changed lives.
17. The brazen act of protest drew attention to the cause.
18. Her brazen ambition led to remarkable achievements.
19. The brazen act of forgiveness healed old wounds.

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