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Examples of 'breakdown' in a Sentence

1. The breakdown of the packaging machinery caused delays in production.
2. The breakdown of the meeting agenda allowed for more open and spontaneous discussions.
3. The financial breakdown revealed significant discrepancies in the company's accounts.
4. She experienced a breakdown in her health, which required immediate medical attention.
5. The breakdown of social norms and values has led to increased societal unrest.
6. The sudden breakdown of the computer halted our work.
7. The breakdown of communication led to misunderstandings.
8. She experienced a breakdown from the stress of work.
9. The car's breakdown left us stranded on the highway.
10. The emotional breakdown was a result of years of pressure.
11. The breakdown in negotiations delayed the peace talks.
12. The breakdown in the production line caused a delay.
13. His breakdown in confidence affected his performance.
14. The breakdown of the bridge posed a safety hazard.
15. The breakdown of trust between friends was heartbreaking.
16. The equipment's breakdown disrupted the manufacturing process.
17. The breakdown of law and order led to chaos in the city.
18. The breakdown of the power grid left the city in darkness.
19. The financial breakdown forced the company to restructure.
20. The breakdown of the relationship was difficult for both.
21. The breakdown in communication resulted in missed deadlines.
22. Her emotional breakdown required professional help.
23. The breakdown of the old building was a lengthy process.
24. The breakdown of the internet connection frustrated users.
25. The breakdown of the political system caused unrest in the nation.

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