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Examples of 'broadcast' in a Sentence

1. The social media influencer will broadcast a live stream of their travel adventures.
2. The radio DJ will broadcast the latest music hits throughout the day.
3. The local weather station will broadcast the forecast for the upcoming week.
4. The political leader will broadcast their speech to address the nation's concerns.
5. The online radio station broadcasts a mix of genres to cater to different tastes.
6. The gaming YouTuber will broadcast their gameplay live on Twitch.
7. The news anchor will broadcast the breaking story.
8. They plan to broadcast the concert live on TV.
9. The radio station will broadcast the game commentary.
10. The podcast host will broadcast a new episode today.
11. The weather forecast will be broadcast on the radio.
12. He will broadcast his thoughts on the talk show.
13. They will broadcast the event on social media.
14. The satellite will broadcast the signal worldwide.
15. She hopes to broadcast her message through art.
16. The radio station will broadcast a live interview.
17. The network will broadcast the presidential debate.
18. The event will be broadcast to millions of viewers.
19. She plans to broadcast her research findings.
20. The news agency will broadcast the press conference.
21. The company will broadcast its product launch.
22. He will broadcast the sports highlights on TV.
23. The radio host will broadcast a call-in show.
24. The podcast aims to broadcast diverse voices.
25. They will broadcast the live stream of the concert.

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