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Examples of 'browbeat' in a Sentence

1. He attempted to browbeat his parents into buying him a new car.
2. The teacher refused to let the disruptive student browbeat the class.
3. She stood her ground and refused to be browbeaten by their criticism.
4. The aggressive customer tried to browbeat the salesperson into giving a discount.
5. The boss would often browbeat his subordinates during meetings.
6. The lawyer's aggressive questioning attempted to browbeat the witness.
7. He used intimidation tactics to browbeat his rivals in business.
8. She had enough confidence to resist being browbeaten by societal pressures.
9. The coach's tough training sessions aimed to browbeat the team into peak performance.
10. The politician's attempts to browbeat the media were met with criticism.
11. The aggressive parent would browbeat the teacher to get special treatment for their child.
12. The hostile neighbor would often browbeat the residents of the neighborhood.
13. She didn't let her ex-partner browbeat her into giving up her rights.
14. The strict supervisor would browbeat the employees for even minor mistakes.

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