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Examples of 'brusque' in a Sentence

1. His brusque reply to my question made me hesitant to ask for further clarification.
2. The teacher was brusque in her feedback, leaving little room for encouragement.
3. When under stress, her emails tended to become brusque and to-the-point.
4. The brusque dismissal of my proposal made it clear that they were not interested.
5. In an emergency, a brusque command can be necessary to ensure immediate action.
6. Her brusque rejection of the invitation made me regret extending it in the first place.
7. His consistently brusque attitude created workplace tension.
8. She offered only a brusque, one-word answer.
9. The brusque tone of his voice conveyed annoyance.
10. He's infamous for his brusque and abrasive communication.
11. Her brusque mannerisms often isolate her from others.
12. The brusque dismissal of their proposal left them dejected.
13. He barely acknowledged their presence with a brusque nod.
14. Brusque messages can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.
15. The brusque chef's demeanor negatively impacted customer satisfaction.
16. Avoiding his brusque behavior is crucial for team harmony.
17. Brusque feedback without constructive criticism demotivates employees.
18. The brusque approach to customer service damaged client relationships.
19. She conveyed her frustration with brusque and impatient instructions.
20. The brusque welcome from the hostess made guests uncomfortable.
21. His initially brusque exterior hides a genuinely caring personality.
22. Brusque behavior can tarnish one's professional reputation.
23. The manager's consistently brusque style intimidated and demoralized staff.
24. He's actively working on being less brusque in his interactions.
25. Her brusque comments left emotional scars that took time to heal.
26. Brusque responses hinder effective and empathetic communication.

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