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Examples of 'brutal' in a Sentence

1. The detective was determined to bring the brutal murderer to justice.
2. The prisoners endured brutal conditions in the overcrowded jail.
3. The athlete underwent a brutal training regimen to prepare for the competition.
4. The critic's review of the artist's work was brutal and merciless.
5. The victim recounted the brutal attack with tears in her eyes, seeking justice.
6. The brutal winter storm brought heavy snow and freezing temperatures.
7. The boxer suffered a brutal knockout in the ring.
8. The dictator's regime was known for its brutal oppression.
9. The movie depicted a brutal battle scene with graphic violence.
10. The hiker endured a brutal climb up the steep mountain.
11. The serial killer's crimes were described as brutal and gruesome.
12. The marathon was a brutal test of endurance.
13. The soldiers faced a brutal enemy on the battlefield.
14. The criminal faced a brutal punishment for his crimes.
15. The documentary exposed the brutal reality of child labor.
16. The hurricane caused brutal destruction along the coast.
17. The interrogator used brutal methods to extract information.
18. The accident resulted in a brutal collision between the two cars.
19. The political campaign turned into a brutal mudslinging match.
20. The wildfire's rapid spread was a brutal force of nature.
21. The teacher's critique of her work felt brutally honest.
22. The breakup was a brutal end to their relationship.
23. The competition was known for its brutal challenges.
24. The novel described the brutal conditions of war.
25. The criminal justice system can be brutal and unforgiving.

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