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Examples of 'budget' in a Sentence

1. We need to find ways to reduce our household budget without sacrificing quality of life.
2. The nonprofit organization relies on donations to fund its programs and operate within its budget.
3. The budget deficit has prompted discussions about potential cost-cutting measures.
4. The project manager allocated a significant portion of the budget to research and development.
5. We need to prioritize our expenses and make adjustments to stay within the project budget.
6. Creating a budget is essential for managing your finances.
7. The company's budget allocation is under review.
8. The government passed the annual budget with adjustments.
9. Sticking to a strict budget helps you save money.
10. They presented a detailed budget proposal to the board.
11. The school's budget supports various educational programs.
12. The family's budget allows for a modest vacation.
13. The budget deficit forced cutbacks in public services.
14. A well-planned budget can lead to financial stability.
15. They are discussing the budget for the upcoming year.
16. The organization's budget relies on donor contributions.
17. The budget includes funds for infrastructure development.
18. A balanced budget is crucial for economic growth.
19. The project's budget includes costs for materials and labor.
20. The city council approved the municipal budget.
21. The budget shortfall required creative solutions.
22. The department head oversees the team's budget.
23. The budget presentation highlighted areas of concern.
24. The budget committee reviews funding requests.
25. The nonprofit organization manages a tight budget.

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