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Examples of 'bulbous' in a Sentence

1. The old car had bulbous fenders that gave it a classic look.
2. The child was fascinated by the bulbous shapes in the clouds.
3. The elephant's bulbous trunk was incredibly versatile.
4. The scientist discovered a new species with a bulbous body and long legs.
5. The artist created a sculpture with a bulbous form that was both abstract and organic.
6. The bulbous moon hung low in the night sky, casting an eerie glow.
7. He wore a bulbous red nose for the clown costume at the party.
8. The cactus had bulbous, water-storing stems to survive the desert.
9. Her backpack had a bulbous shape due to the soccer ball inside.
10. The bulbous clouds on the horizon signaled an impending storm.
11. The frog had bulbous eyes that bulged from its tiny head.
12. The antique vase had a bulbous base adorned with intricate patterns.
13. The underwater cavern had bulbous rock formations that glistened.
14. A bulbous growth on the tree trunk puzzled the arborist.
15. The chef carved the bulbous turnip into an elaborate garnish.
16. The old bridge had bulbous support pillars made of weathered stone.
17. The deep-sea anglerfish had a bulbous lure to attract prey.
18. The submarine's front window offered a view of the bulbous ocean creatures.
19. The bulbous fungi in the forest were striking and colorful.
20. The vintage car had bulbous fenders that harked back to another era.
21. The gourd had a bulbous shape and was used for autumn decorations.
22. The ancient statue featured a bulbous nose and serene expression.
23. His laugh caused his bulbous belly to jiggle with mirth.
24. The bulbous fruit burst with flavor when bitten into.
25. The strange plant had bulbous pods that emitted a sweet fragrance.

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