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Examples of 'bumptious' in a Sentence

1. The bumptious salesman was overly confident about the superiority of his product.
2. Despite being a newcomer, he was bumptious enough to criticize the veterans in the field.
3. The bumptious actor talked endlessly about his minor role in a famous movie.
4. Her bumptious behavior at the party made her the center of attention, but for all the wrong reasons.
5. The bumptious entrepreneur claimed that his startup would revolutionize the industry.
6. His bumptious comments during the meeting were not well-received by his colleagues.
7. His bumptious attitude during the meeting was off-putting to his colleagues.
8. The bumptious salesman boasted about his products as if they were the best in the world.
9. She found it hard to get along with her bumptious neighbor, who always tried to one-up everyone.
10. The young actor's bumptious behavior made him unpopular among the cast.
11. Despite his bumptious demeanor, he lacked the skills to back up his boastful claims.
12. Her bumptious comments about her own achievements made others reluctant to share their own successes.
13. The bumptious politician assumed that everyone would agree with his opinions.
14. The team's bumptious new member needed to learn the value of humility and teamwork.
15. The bumptious student often interrupted the teacher, thinking he knew more than everyone else.
16. He made a bumptious entrance at the party, expecting all eyes to be on him.
17. The bumptious chef dismissed all the other recipes, claiming that only his was authentic.
18. Her bumptious attitude in the negotiation made it difficult to reach a fair agreement.

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