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Examples of 'burden' in a Sentence


1. A burden shared is a burden halved in times of crisis.
2. Shouldering the burden of a secret can be a tremendous weight.
3. The burden of expectation can be stifling for young athletes.
4. The burden of history continues to shape our world today.
5. Kindness can lighten the burden of those in despair.
6. In times of war, soldiers bear the heavy burden of duty.
7. Mental health struggles can be an invisible burden to carry.
8. The burden of debt can hinder financial freedom.
9. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution in court.
10. The burden of responsibility falls on the CEO during a crisis.
11. Unemployment can be both a financial and emotional burden.
12. Compassion can alleviate the burden of suffering for others.
13. The burden of past mistakes can haunt us if not forgiven.
14. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution in a criminal trial.
15. Carrying a heavy backpack all day put an unnecessary burden on his shoulders.
16. The burden of debt weighed heavily on her, causing constant stress.
17. He did not want to be a burden to his family as he grew older.
18. The single mother bore the burden of working two jobs to support her children.
19. The old bridge collapsed under the burden of the overloaded truck.
20. They shared the burden of household chores, making daily life more manageable.
21. The new tax laws eased the financial burden on low-income families.
22. He took on the burden of caring for his ailing grandmother with grace and dedication.
23. As a team leader, it’s important not to shoulder the entire burden alone, but to delegate tasks.
24. The welfare programs aim to alleviate the burden of poverty for struggling citizens.
25. The burden of maintaining the ancient castle fell to the youngest member of the family.


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