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Examples of 'bureaucracy' in a Sentence

1. Bureaucracy can hinder innovation and creativity.
2. Many citizens complain about the bureaucratic red tape.
3. The company is plagued by layers of bureaucracy.
4. Bureaucracy can impede progress in government.
5. Managers often aim to minimize bureaucracy.
6. Reducing bureaucracy can boost organizational efficiency.
7. Bureaucracy can be a barrier to good governance.
8. Streamlined processes can cut through bureaucracy.
9. Bureaucracy often results in delayed decision-making.
10. The company's bureaucracy led to missed opportunities.
11. Innovative solutions can disrupt entrenched bureaucracy.
12. Effective communication can help untangle bureaucracy.
13. The bureaucracy can be a roadblock to change.
14. Many seek to reform and modernize bureaucracy.
15. The extensive bureaucracy involved in getting a building permit frustrated the construction company.
16. Some people find it challenging to navigate the bureaucracy of government agencies.
17. The new mayor promised to cut through the red tape and reduce bureaucracy in the city administration.
18. The bureaucracy of the university system made it difficult for students to resolve issues quickly.
19. The company's internal bureaucracy slowed down decision-making and stifled innovation.
20. Citizens often complain about the inefficiency and complexity of the government bureaucracy.
21. The reform aimed to streamline the bureaucracy and make public services more accessible.
22. The startup wanted to avoid traditional corporate bureaucracy in order to remain agile and adaptable.
23. He managed to bypass some of the bureaucracy by getting help from a knowledgeable insider.
24. The bureaucracy involved in international travel can be daunting, especially for first-time travelers.
25. The ancient civilization had an elaborate bureaucracy for managing trade and collecting taxes.
26. Understanding the intricacies of political bureaucracy is essential for effective lobbying.

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