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Examples of 'bureaucratic' in a Sentence

1. The bureaucratic mindset hindered progress in the organization.
2. She was frustrated by the bureaucratic hoops she had to jump through.
3. The bureaucratic system prioritized rules over results.
4. The bureaucratic approach lacked flexibility.
5. The government's bureaucratic regulations stifled small businesses.
6. Navigating the bureaucratic maze was a daunting task.
7. The bureaucratic red tape made it hard to implement changes.
8. Bureaucratic decision-making often seemed out of touch.
9. He despised the bureaucratic mindset that prioritized forms over function.
10. The bureaucratic hurdles deterred foreign investment.
11. Bureaucratic resistance to change was a constant challenge.
12. The company's bureaucratic culture was resistant to innovation.
13. The bureaucratic process discouraged many from applying.
14. Dealing with bureaucratic inefficiencies drained valuable time and resources.
15. The bureaucratic process for obtaining a visa was tedious and time-consuming.
16. Many small business owners are frustrated by the bureaucratic hurdles they have to overcome to operate legally.
17. The company's bureaucratic structure made it difficult for employees to communicate effectively with management.
18. Some people find it difficult to deal with bureaucratic red tape when accessing public services.
19. The government aimed to reduce bureaucratic barriers to encourage foreign investments.
20. The bureaucratic language in the document was so formal that it was hard for the average person to understand.
21. The reform was meant to simplify the bureaucratic procedures for starting a new business.
22. The bureaucratic nature of the organization led to delays in implementing much-needed changes.
23. She managed to navigate the bureaucratic maze and finally got the permit she needed.
24. Sometimes a bureaucratic approach is necessary to ensure that all regulations are followed.
25. The community was frustrated with the bureaucratic response to the crisis, which they felt lacked urgency and empathy.
26. The bureaucratic system in the military is known for its strict hierarchy and adherence to protocols.

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