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Examples of 'burlesque' in a Sentence

1. The burlesque dancer's routine was both humorous and graceful, captivating the audience.
2. Burlesque has its roots in satire and parody, often poking fun at societal norms.
3. He wrote a burlesque play that mocked the political elites of his time.
4. The costumes for the burlesque performance were extravagant, with feathers and sparkling sequins.
5. Burlesque shows were a popular form of entertainment in the vaudeville era.
6. Many contemporary burlesque performers incorporate elements of social commentary and empowerment in their acts.
7. The burlesque show was a riot of laughter and sensuality.
8. Burlesque performances often feature elaborate costumes and choreography.
9. She's known for her witty burlesque routines that tackle social issues.
10. The burlesque club was a popular destination for a night of entertainment.
11. Burlesque has a long history as a form of theatrical satire.
12. The audience roared with laughter during the burlesque comedy act.
13. The burlesque artist's charisma and charm captivated the crowd.
14. Burlesque combines humor and sensual allure in a unique way.
15. The burlesque dancer's sultry moves were mesmerizing.
16. Burlesque has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.
17. The burlesque troupe put on a dazzling and provocative performance.
18. The witty banter in the burlesque act had the audience in stitches.
19. Burlesque is an art form that celebrates self-expression and body positivity.
20. The costumes in the burlesque show were a visual feast.
21. Burlesque offers a playful and subversive take on traditional theater.
22. The burlesque performer's confidence and humor were infectious.
23. The burlesque scene in the city attracts a diverse and enthusiastic crowd.
24. Burlesque can be a form of feminist empowerment and self-assurance.
25. The burlesque club was a haven for fans of cheeky entertainment.
26. The burlesque revue showcased a variety of acts, from comedy to dance.


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