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Examples of 'buttress' in a Sentence

1. The palace entrance was framed by a majestic, ornate buttress.
2. The flying buttress of the church added a sense of grandeur to the structure.
3. The buttress in the garden provided support for the climbing roses.
4. A massive wooden beam served as a makeshift buttress for the old barn.
5. The architect relied on the buttress to prevent the walls from collapsing.
6. The crumbling walls of the ancient temple were shored up with a new buttress.
7. The buttress had weathered centuries of storms and earthquakes.
8. The cathedral's ornamental buttress was a masterpiece of stone carving.
9. The restoration project focused on preserving the historic buttress.
10. The castle's main entrance featured an imposing, stone buttress.
11. The engineer inspected the buttress for signs of structural weakness.
12. The buttress provided crucial support for the towering minaret.
13. The buttress was adorned with intricate engravings and reliefs.
14. The cathedral's buttress was a testament to medieval craftsmanship.
15. The buttress added a touch of elegance to the simple church design.
16. The architect praised the buttress as an architectural marvel.

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