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Examples of 'byword' in a Sentence

1. "Quality over quantity" is a modern byword for success.
2. "The customer is always right" is a business byword.
3. "Blood is thicker than water" is a familial byword.
4. "Knowledge is power" is an educational byword.
5. "United we stand, divided we fall" is a patriotic byword.
6. "A penny for your thoughts" is a casual byword.
7. "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" is a cautionary byword.
8. "You reap what you sow" is an agricultural byword.
9. "Practice makes perfect" is a motivational byword.
10. "The early bird catches the worm" is a time-management byword.
11. "Birds of a feather flock together" is a social byword.
12. "A stitch in time saves nine" is a prudent byword.
13. "Where there's smoke, there's fire" is a detective's byword.
14. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a subjective byword.
15. The small town was a byword for hospitality, welcoming travelers from all over.
16. Over the years, her diligence made her a byword for hard work in the community.
17. The ancient city soon became a byword for architectural grandeur.
18. With its speedy service and quality products, the new café became a byword for excellence.
19. As news of his bravery spread, he became a byword for courage in his country.
20. Her unyielding integrity throughout her career has made her a byword for honesty.
21. This brand of laptops has become a byword for unreliability; I wouldn’t recommend buying one.
22. The scenic village by the lake is a byword for tranquility and natural beauty.
23. The restaurant's unmatched culinary expertise made it a byword for gourmet dining in the city.
24. The small country, once plagued by corruption, transformed itself into a byword for good governance.
25. With its innovative designs and sustainability initiatives, the company is striving to become a byword for eco-friendly fashion.


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