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Examples of 'cabal' in a Sentence

1. The town's issues seemed to stem from a deep-rooted cabal.
2. Many believed a tech cabal manipulated the online narrative.
3. A cabal of bankers was said to dictate global financial trends.
4. The writer exposed the cabal's secretive operations in his novel.
5. Some argue that a cabal in the music industry decides hit songs.
6. The cabal's grip on power was tighter than anyone had realized.
7. Fear of a global cabal fuels countless conspiracy theories.
8. Members of the cabal communicated through coded messages.
9. An inner cabal within the organization was making key decisions.
10. The young politician refused to bow to the cabal's pressure.
11. Many revolutions have started in response to a ruling cabal.
12. The cabal's reach extended far beyond the public's knowledge.
13. Artists whispered about a cabal that determined exhibit selections.
14. The movie hinted at a cabal working behind the scenes of the government.
15. As the scandal unraveled, the cabal's influence became evident.
16. Scientists worried a cabal was suppressing crucial research.
17. A cabal of CEOs was rumored to meet at a secluded island annually.
18. The detective unearthed a cabal operating within the police force.
19. Power shifted when the cabal's leader was unmasked and arrested.

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