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Examples of 'caboodle' in a Sentence

1. We cleaned out the attic, getting rid of the caboodle of old furniture and boxes.
2. The chef presented a mouthwatering menu, offering the whole caboodle of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.
3. The group of friends went on a road trip, taking the whole caboodle of camping gear and snacks.
4. They bought a fixer-upper house and had to renovate the whole caboodle, from the roof to the floors.
5. The company organized a team-building retreat, including the whole caboodle of workshops, games, and outdoor activities.
6. She packed up her books, clothes, and the whole caboodle.
7. The chef used every ingredient in the kitchen caboodle.
8. We invited the entire family and their friends, the whole caboodle.
9. The antique store had a caboodle of vintage treasures.
10. They brought snacks, drinks, and the whole picnic caboodle.
11. The concert was attended by a caboodle of enthusiastic fans.
12. The magician pulled rabbits, doves, and the entire caboodle from the hat.
13. The team won the championship, trophy and the whole caboodle.
14. She decided to sell her car, accessories, and the caboodle.
15. The garage sale included furniture, electronics, and the whole caboodle.
16. They brought tents, sleeping bags, and the camping caboodle.
17. The tech conference attracted experts, innovators, and the whole caboodle.
18. The neighborhood block party featured games, music, and the entire caboodle.
19. The costume party had masks, capes, and the dress-up caboodle.
20. The beach vacation included sunscreen, beach balls, and the whole caboodle.
21. The art gallery displayed paintings, sculptures, and the artistic caboodle.
22. The zoo had lions, tigers, bears, and the whole animal caboodle.
23. The flea market offered antiques, jewelry, and the eclectic caboodle.
24. The toy store had action figures, board games, and the playtime caboodle.
25. The classroom had books, chalk, desks, and the educational caboodle.

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