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Examples of 'cachet' in a Sentence

1. The prestigious university had a long-standing cachet.
2. The limited edition release had a certain cachet among enthusiasts.
3. The boutique's cachet stemmed from its curated selection.
4. The sports car's cachet was unmatched in the industry.
5. Her job at the renowned firm carried a lot of cachet.
6. The upscale restaurant's cachet drew in discerning diners.
7. The brand's cachet made it a status symbol.
8. The film festival had a certain cachet in the industry.
9. The celebrity endorsement added a significant cachet.
10. The historic mansion's cachet attracted potential buyers.
11. The technology company's cachet was based on innovation.
12. The resort's tropical location added to its cachet.
13. The designer handbag had a timeless cachet.
14. The wine's prestigious awards added to its cachet.
15. The hotel had a certain cachet among the wealthy and famous.
16. The designer handbag had a certain cachet that made it irresistible to fashion lovers.
17. The company's prestigious awards added cachet to its brand image.
18. The luxurious vacation destination had a certain cachet among the wealthy.
19. The exclusive club's membership had a certain cachet that attracted high-profile individuals.
20. The rare stamp's cachet made it a valuable addition to any collection.
21. The vintage car's cachet added to its already impressive value.
22. The high-end jewelry store's cachet made it a destination for those seeking luxury goods.
23. The private school's cachet made it a top choice for parents seeking the best education for their children.
24. The musician's international fame added a certain cachet to the concert venue.
25. The art gallery's cachet made it a hub for contemporary artists.
26. The historical landmark's cachet made it a must-visit destination for tourists.

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