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Examples of 'cajole' in a Sentence

1. They had to cajole the reluctant witness into testifying.
2. It took a lot of effort to cajole the investors into funding the startup.
3. The salesman tried to cajole me into buying a more expensive model.
4. If you cajole the puppy with treats, it might learn the trick faster.
5. She managed to cajole her boss into giving her a day off.
6. Despite his efforts to cajole the stubborn mule, it wouldn't move.
7. With a little charm, he managed to cajole the guards into letting him in.
8. The children managed to cajole their parents into getting a pet.
9. To convince the crowd to follow the new policies, the leader had to cajole them with promises of a better future.
10. She had to cajole her friend into going to the party with her.
11. The agent tried to cajole the celebrity into signing the contract.
12. The team captain had to cajole his teammates to give their best in the tournament.
13. She used her persuasive skills to cajole the audience into donating to the charity.
14. The teacher had to cajole the student into participating in the class discussion.


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