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Examples of 'calibrate' in a Sentence

1. Scientists calibrate the spectrometer for accurate measurements.
2. Calibration of the navigation system is crucial for accurate directions.
3. The printer needs frequent calibration to produce sharp images.
4. Pilots calibrate the aircraft's instruments for safe flights.
5. Calibration of the compass ensures accurate navigation at sea.
6. To maintain accuracy, we must calibrate the pH meter regularly.
7. Meteorologists calibrate weather instruments for reliable forecasts.
8. Mechanics calibrate tire pressure for optimal vehicle performance.
9. The factory calibrates the assembly line robots for precision.
10. Calibration of the camera lens is essential for sharp photographs.
11. We need to calibrate the clock to the atomic time standard.
12. Technicians calibrate the oscilloscope for accurate signal analysis.
13. Engineers calibrate the GPS system for precise location tracking.
14. Calibration of the microscope guarantees precise scientific observations.
15. Before the experiment begins, make sure to calibrate the scales for accurate measurements.
16. Technicians calibrate the telescope regularly to ensure the clarity and precision of the images.
17. When you set up your new home theater, don't forget to calibrate the sound system for the best audio experience.
18. It's important to calibrate the printer so that the colors in the printouts match what's on the screen.
19. Mechanics calibrate the engine timing for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
20. You should calibrate the compass before going on a hike to ensure it gives accurate directions.
21. Laboratory technicians calibrate the microscopes to get clear and sharp images of the specimens.
22. Photographers calibrate their lenses to make sure the focus and aperture settings are correct.
23. Pilots calibrate the aircraft's instruments before takeoff to ensure safe and precise navigation.
24. You must calibrate the fitness tracker to your personal information for more accurate data.
25. Farmers calibrate the irrigation systems to provide the right amount of water to the crops.
26. Before you use the metal detector, make sure to calibrate it to ignore common metals like iron and aluminum.

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