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Examples of 'calibre' in a Sentence

1. His writing showcased a high calibre of storytelling.
2. The company values employees of exceptional calibre.
3. The athlete's calibre was evident in every competition.
4. Her culinary calibre was unmatched in the restaurant.
5. The candidate's calibre was evident in the interview.
6. The school seeks students of high academic calibre.
7. The calibre of the product exceeded our expectations.
8. His moral calibre was beyond reproach.
9. The project's calibre determined its success.
10. The team's calibre influenced the game's outcome.
11. The actor's calibre shone through in every performance.
12. The chef's culinary calibre set a new standard.
13. The leader's calibre inspired trust and loyalty.
14. The calibre of the research was recognized internationally.
15. The gun had a high calibre and was capable of causing significant damage.
16. He was impressed by the calibre of the musicians at the concert.
17. She was known for her high calibre of work in the field of research.
18. The calibre of the speakers at the conference was outstanding.
19. He was proud of his son's calibre of work in the company.
20. The calibre of the team was evident in their ability to work well together.
21. She was a woman of great calibre, who inspired many people.
22. The calibre of the applicants was very high, making the selection process difficult.
23. He had a high calibre of taste in literature.
24. The calibre of the school was reflected in the achievements of its students.
25. She had a great calibre of intelligence, she was able to understand complex issues easily.
26. The calibre of the athletes in the competition was impressive.

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