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Examples of 'calligraphy' in a Sentence

1. The book's cover featured a title rendered in ornate calligraphy, drawing readers in.
2. Traditional Chinese calligraphy is characterized by its fluid brushwork and harmonious composition.
3. In medieval manuscripts, calligraphy played a crucial role in preserving written knowledge.
4. The signage for the exhibition was carefully crafted using decorative calligraphy.
5. The delicate calligraphy on the diploma was a testament to the graduate's dedication.
6. The intricate calligraphy on the certificate added a touch of prestige to the award.
7. The calligraphy artist blended modern and classic styles to create a unique visual language.
8. The museum's collection included rare examples of calligraphy from various cultures.
9. The calligraphy on the historical documents provided insights into the society of the time.
10. The aspiring poet combined her verses with exquisite calligraphy to create visually captivating pieces.
11. The restaurant's menu featured elegant calligraphy that reflected the establishment's sophistication.
12. The calligraphy competition showcased the diverse talents and styles of artists from around the world.
13. The calligraphy class taught students the fundamentals of script and lettering.
14. The intricate calligraphy adorning the invitations was a labor of love for the engaged couple.

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