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Examples of 'calm' in a Sentence

1. The patient's calm demeanor impressed the doctors during the medical procedure.
2. He practiced yoga daily to cultivate a sense of inner calm.
3. The peaceful garden provided a quiet and calm space for reflection.
4. The warm tea helped soothe her nerves and bring about a sense of calm.
5. The gentle rain outside created a calming atmosphere, perfect for a cozy evening indoors.
6. The calm sea reflected the clear blue sky.
7. She enjoyed a calm afternoon by the lake.
8. The garden provided a calm and peaceful retreat.
9. His voice remained calm during the crisis.
10. The morning breeze brought a sense of calm.
11. The music played softly, creating a calm atmosphere.
12. The meditation session left her feeling calm and centered.
13. The forest was a place of quiet and calm.
14. His demeanor was calm and composed under pressure.
15. The park offered a calm haven for relaxation.
16. The sunset painted the sky with calm colors.
17. The river flowed gently, creating a sense of calm.
18. The room had a calm and inviting ambiance.
19. The cat's purring had a calming effect on her.
20. The yoga class helped her find inner calm.
21. The starry night sky brought a sense of calm and wonder.
22. The beach at sunrise was a picture of calm beauty.
23. The elderly couple radiated a sense of calm contentment.
24. The spa's soothing treatments brought instant calm.
25. The library was a place of quiet and calm reflection.

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