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Examples of 'calumny' in a Sentence


1. The tabloid's calumny hurt the celebrity's career.
2. A lawsuit was filed to counter the calumny against the company.
3. The malicious calumny was designed to destroy her credibility.
4. A smear campaign of calumny targeted the whistleblower.
5. The journalist was sued for publishing calumny.
6. Calumny is a destructive weapon in the realm of politics.
7. Spreading calumny is a cowardly act of character assassination.
8. The calumny damaged the trust between friends.
9. His life was upended by false calumny from a former colleague.
10. The court dismissed the case, citing a lack of evidence of calumny.
11. She bore the scars of calumny for years.
12. The author wrote about the effects of calumny on society.
13. The calumny campaign failed to achieve its intended goal.
14. The defamation lawsuit aimed to hold the source of calumny accountable.
15. The calumny spread by the rival company damaged our reputation.
16. He was falsely accused of embezzlement, an act of calumny that destroyed his career.
17. The calumny directed towards the political candidate was a personal attack.
18. She was the victim of calumny by her former friends.
19. The calumny spread on social media made it hard for the truth to be heard.
20. It was supposed to be a political documentary, but came across as a damning calumny against the president.
21. The calumny spread by the newspaper ruined the reputation of the innocent man.
22. He was convicted of calumny for spreading false rumors about his neighbor.
23. The calumny directed towards the scientist made it hard for him to find funding for his research.
24. She was the target of calumny by her colleagues who were jealous of her success.
25. The calumny spread by the blogger was later proven to be false.
26. The calumny aimed at the teacher's character was uncalled for and unjust.

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