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Examples of 'canal' in a Sentence


1. The canal played a significant role in the industrial development of the region.
2. Ducks and swans gracefully glided across the calm waters of the canal.
3. The canal was a vital transportation route in the era of steamships.
4. The canal was lined with beautiful trees and flower beds.
5. The canal cruise provided a unique perspective of the city's architecture and landmarks.
6. The canal transported goods across the country.
7. Farmers use the canal for efficient irrigation.
8. The city's canal system is a popular tourist attraction.
9. Cargo ships navigate the Panama Canal daily.
10. A network of canals crisscrossed the ancient city.
11. The canal provided a shortcut for shipping.
12. Engineers built the canal to link two oceans.
13. Venice is famous for its picturesque canals.
14. The Erie Canal transformed transportation in the U.S.
15. Workers dug the canal to connect the river to the lake.
16. The narrow canal allowed boats to pass through.
17. The canal locks regulated water levels.
18. The tourist boat glided through the serene canal.
19. The ancient civilization constructed an intricate canal system.
20. The canal was vital for transporting raw materials.
21. The village thrived thanks to its canal access.
22. The historic canal is lined with charming homes.
23. The Panama Canal is a marvel of engineering.
24. The barge sailed smoothly along the industrial canal.
25. The canal connects the two major bodies of water.


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