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Examples of 'candidate' in a Sentence

1. The candidate's resume showcased their achievements and skills.
2. The political candidate toured different cities to connect with voters.
3. The candidate faced tough questions during the panel interview.
4. The candidate's campaign promises resonated with the public.
5. The hiring manager reviewed the applications and selected the top candidates for the next round.
6. The candidate impressed with their qualifications.
7. The presidential candidate outlined their policies.
8. The job interview featured multiple candidates.
9. Each candidate brought unique skills to the team.
10. The candidate's speech garnered strong support.
11. The election had several qualified candidates.
12. The candidate's resume stood out from the rest.
13. The political candidate campaigned vigorously.
14. The candidate's background was thoroughly reviewed.
15. The candidate's charisma resonated with voters.
16. The hiring committee interviewed multiple candidates.
17. The candidate demonstrated strong leadership.
18. The debate allowed each candidate to present their views.
19. The candidate's experience made them a top choice.
20. The candidate's platform appealed to diverse voters.
21. The candidate's integrity was a key consideration.
22. The candidate's dedication to the role was evident.
23. The candidate's qualifications matched the job requirements.
24. The candidate's supporters rallied for their election.
25. The committee assessed each candidate's potential.

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