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Examples of 'canonize' in a Sentence

1. The community rallied together to petition the church to canonize the local priest.
2. The pope announced his decision to canonize Mother Teresa for her humanitarian work.
3. The committee is carefully reviewing the evidence before making a decision to canonize the healer.
4. The process to canonize a person requires extensive research and investigation.
5. The congregation is eagerly awaiting the announcement to canonize the beloved pastor.
6. The scholars debated whether to canonize the philosopher for his profound ideas.
7. The society plans to propose a motion to canonize the inventor for his groundbreaking invention.
8. The king's subjects urged him to canonize his late queen for her benevolence.
9. The organization will conduct interviews with witnesses to support the case to canonize the artist.
10. The religious council is in the process of gathering testimonies to canonize the visionary mystic.
11. The Pope canonized Mother Teresa for her selfless humanitarian work.
12. The process to canonize a saint involves rigorous scrutiny of their life.
13. The Church canonized St. Francis of Assisi for his devotion to the poor.
14. Pope John Paul II canonized more saints than any previous Pope.
15. The canonization ceremony is a solemn and sacred event.
16. The Church often canonizes individuals who perform miracles.
17. The faithful gather to celebrate when the Church canonizes a new saint.
18. To canonize someone, the Church examines their virtuous life.
19. The Pope's decision to canonize a saint is highly significant.
20. The Vatican announced its intention to canonize a local nun.
21. The process to canonize a saint can take many years.
22. The Catholic Church canonized Joan of Arc as a saint in 1920.
23. Saints canonized by the Church serve as inspirational role models.
24. Pope Francis decided to canonize a 19th-century bishop known for his charity.


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