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Examples of 'capitalism' in a Sentence


1. The stock market, a key element of capitalism, plays a pivotal role in wealth generation.
2. Capitalism, deeply rooted in the concept of free enterprise, celebrates economic freedom.
3. Detractors claim that capitalism exploits labor and prioritizes corporate interests.
4. Capitalism provides consumers with a wide array of choices and products.
5. The extent of government intervention in capitalism is a topic of ongoing debate.
6. Environmentalists express concerns about the ecological impact of unchecked capitalism.
7. Economic downturns and recessions are inherent features of the capitalist system.
8. Social safety nets are sometimes introduced to mitigate the adverse effects of capitalism.
9. Wealth distribution in capitalism can vary widely, leading to disparities among individuals.
10. The evolution of capitalism has played a pivotal role in shaping contemporary society.
11. Advocates argue that capitalism drives progress and technological advancements.
12. Within capitalism, investment decisions are primarily motivated by the pursuit of profit.
13. Capitalism's global influence and reach are undeniably extensive.
14. The future of capitalism in an ever-changing world remains uncertain, prompting ongoing discussions and analysis.
15. Capitalism promotes economic competition and innovation.
16. Capitalism allows individuals to pursue their economic interests and maximize profits.
17. Free markets are a key feature of capitalism, facilitating the exchange of goods and services.
18. Capitalism encourages entrepreneurship and the creation of new businesses.
19. The profit motive is a driving force in capitalism.
20. In capitalism, prices are determined by supply and demand dynamics.
21. Capitalism fosters economic growth and development.
22. Income inequality is a concern associated with capitalism.
23. Capitalism emphasizes individual economic freedom and choice.
24. Capitalism operates on the principle of private property rights.
25. Government intervention in the economy is often debated in capitalist systems.

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