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Examples of 'capitalize' in a Sentence

1. The restaurant owner planned to capitalize on the tourist season by offering special promotions.
2. The tech company hoped to capitalize on the latest technological advancements in the industry.
3. The musician's manager advised her to capitalize on her viral video by releasing new music.
4. The real estate developer saw an opportunity to capitalize on the booming housing market.
5. The startup company aimed to capitalize on the emerging market niche with its innovative product.
6. The retailer strategically placed its products near the checkout counter to capitalize on impulse purchases.
7. The online platform introduced new features to capitalize on the changing user preferences.
8. The airline company adjusted its flight schedules to capitalize on peak travel times.
9. The investment firm sought to capitalize on the growing interest in sustainable investments.
10. The fitness instructor decided to capitalize on the wellness trend by offering specialized classes.
11. The mobile game developer quickly released updates to capitalize on the game's popularity.
12. The marketing team launched a new campaign to capitalize on the holiday shopping season.
13. The hotel chain aimed to capitalize on the tourist influx by opening a new branch.
14. The social media influencer collaborated with a popular brand to capitalize on their combined reach.

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